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5 Unique and Extraordinary Mother’s Day Ideas

Even though every day should obviously be Mother’s Day (😁), this year’s designated celebration of motherhood and maternal bonds falls on Sunday, May 13.

Think it’s too commercialized or cliché? Well, it doesn’t always have to be the same old flowers, cards and breakfast routine -- although we do like the fact that you can wear your Nuknuuk slippers for this one.

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10 Fun and Fresh Ideas to Celebrate Spring

The official start of spring may be March 20, but Mother Nature doesn’t seem to care. Depending on where you live, spring arrives at different times; while some of us are already surrounded by beautiful blossoms (hello, cherry trees in Washington) or sandal-worthy temperatures, others are still counting the days until they can pack away their snow shovels for good. In fact, snowstorms in April are commonplace in many parts of North America. That’s when you really need to wear your soft and cozy Nuknuuk sheepskin slippers!

But no matter how far along spring is near you, you can always celebrate the start of a new season. Here are our favourite rituals to welcome spring:

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9 DIY Date Ideas to Make Your Date Swoon this Valentine’s Day

Fun and romance is what Valentine’s Day should be about -- not the pressure to plan the perfect date with flowers, chocolates and fine dining. All that commercialism can leave passion and excitement in the dust. We say, enough: It’s time to kick back your Nůknuůk slippered feet and reclaim the fun and romance of Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be easier than you think with our list of charming date ideas.


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Barefoot or Socks? 4 Surprising Reasons to Go Sockless in Your Nůknuůk Slippers

Nůknuůk slipper owners have something in common - a love of comfort and cozy feet. But how do you like to wear your slippers? Barefoot or over your socks? The benefits of going sockless might surprise you!


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5 Ways to Relax and Enjoy the Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here and if that thought leaves you feeling a little stressed, you're not alone! This year, spend more time relaxing in your Nuknuuks and less time dashing through the malls with these stress-busting holiday tips.  View full article →


We’ve been asking the biggest Nůknuůk fans around an important question: How many pairs of slippers do you own? It turns out that just like us, many of our followers have Nůknuůk footwear for each and every daily activity...


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Nůknuůk’s 5 Favourite Fall Getaways - Don't Forget to Pack your Slippers!

Getting cozy for fall
Fall has just begun and we’re already seeking warmth. There’s nothing quite like slipping chilly feet into comfy slippers on a cool fall morning. Even though we love our slippers, we don’t want to stay inside all the time. We want to wear our favourite Nůknuůk boots out and about! Here’s a selection of Nůknuůk’s top places to visit for a long weekend in fall. View full article →

Nůknuůk Fit Tips: Find Your Perfect Slipper Fit!

Nůknuůk slippers are all about comfort, comfort, comfort - and a big part of that comfort is the way your slippers fit! Whether you are a first-time Nůknuůk customer or an experienced Nůknuůk buyer, find your perfect pair of slippers with these helpful fit tips.


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Nůknuůk slippers are back at Costco Canada!

If you’re a Canadian Nůknuůk fan, chances are you first came across Nůknuůk slippers at your local Costco store. Each year, shoppers eagerly await the Nůknuůk delivery, when pallets of freshly boxed slippers arrive.

Well Costco shoppers, the wait is over! Nůknuůk has created two brand new Costco-exclusive styles for 2017: the Jade women’s slipper and the Tommy men’s slipper.

Nuknuuk Costco Canada grey slipper

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Sand Dunes, Camels and Nůknuůk Slippers

Our Nůknuůk customers never fail to amaze us, but this latest email blew us away... Thanks so much to Joanne Wilson for sharing her story with us!  View full article →
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