How many pairs of Nuknuuk slippers do you own?

We’ve been asking the biggest Nůknuůk fans around an important question: How many pairs of slippers do you own? It turns out that just like us, many of our followers have Nůknuůk footwear for each and every daily activity. From donning your Nůknuůk Kiki boots for a quick dog walk to bringing your Zaza flip flops to the spa, the more pairs the better! Nůknuůk enthusiasts across the country and beyond are collecting their favourite slippers in every style and colour to fit in with their daily routine.

A pair for the car: Christine is a University Administrator. She works in Cambridge Massachusetts but her commute usually has her driving for at least 40 minutes in each direction. Christine owns two pairs of Nůknuůk slippers. She keeps her trusty Joy slippers in the house and leaves her violet Loulou pair in the car. We asked her why she loves her Loulou slippers so much and she gave us two reasons. Especially on the coldest mornings, she’s happy to see her colourful slippers waiting to warm her feet and cheer her up first thing.  She also knows that she’s driving safely in a pair of moccasins that fit perfectly. She’s even thinking of buying a pair for her sister!

A pair for the office: Lauren, a freelance editor in Montreal, is the proud owner of three pairs of Nůknuůk slippers. She’s most thankful for her pair of Lacey slippers. Lauren alternates between working from home and working in the office. Since wants to bring the comfort of her home office into her downtown space, she always packs her Lacey slippers in her work bag. Whenever she needs to wander to the washroom or walk over to speak to a colleague, she has the best of both worlds; her slippers are colour neutral enough to pass as informal shoes and yet it’s like she’s walking on air!

A pair for an evening in: Julie’s a newly married software engineer from Vancouver. When she’s not at work or busy attending evening workshops, she loves nothing more than curling up with her husband, a cup of tea, and a movie. Julie is a fan of the Classic Slipper. She and her husband Mike both love Nůknuůk and Mike’s enjoying his own pair of sand moccasins. Both Julie and Mike really look forward to their evenings in, especially the comfort of putting on their favourite slippers.

Nuknuuk Joy women's slippers

A pair to hang the laundry out: Susan just became a grandmother for the third time. She lives close to her daughter in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and she’s helping out with all kinds of chores right now. She has begun leaving a pair of slippers at her daughter’s back door so that she always knows that her feet will be cozy even when she goes outside to hang out laundry. Thanks to her Alexa slippers, she can easily slip her feet into something cozy even with socks on. She is grateful to Nůknuůk for helping her retain her status as the glamourous granny! Susan’s got 3 pairs of Nůknuůk slippers. She’s tempted to get a new pair with each new addition to the family!

A pair for the chicken pen: Jen made her home in rural Oregon just over 5 years ago. She always had the dream of keeping chickens and now she has a little garden with a few laying chickens of her very own. She has a brand new pair of Joy Slippers but still keeps her older pair for collecting the eggs each morning. This little ritual certainly brings her a lot of joy - almost as much as her slippers!

A pair for the spa: Marta has lived in Toronto her whole life. After a busy week at work, all she wants to do at the weekend is relax. She and her oldest friend Tricia enjoy treating themselves to a weekend spa day from time to time and they never forget to pack their Zaza slippers. Tricia introduced Marta to Nůknuůk a couple of years ago and she’s never looked back! When asked about the best aspect of their flipflop slippers, the friends both agreed that they enjoy being able to keep their slippers on while they let their toenail polish dry!

As the evenings draw in and the leaves blow off the trees, treat yourself to another pair of Nůknuůk slippers? Bring bright colours and the ultimate comfort purchase into your life!

 So how many pairs do you own? It's confession time!

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