This Customer Accidentally Left The House in her Nuknuuks

Nuknuuk Classic Slipper

Nothing makes us happier than reading glowing reviews from happy Nuknuuk customers, but it’s not every day that your emails have us laughing out loud! Thanks to Cindy R. from Alberta for sharing this embarrassing yet hilarious story!

To start, I love my Nuknuuk slippers. So much so that I rarely have them off my feet while wondering about the house. A couple times I have even left the house only to realize after stepping outside, that I forgot to put on outer footwear.

Today's story was even more impressive! I had a medical appointment that required me to drive into the city. Halfway to my destination, I realized I had indeed left the house in my ever so comfy slippers that didn't exactly match my attire (which included a unique quality leather handbag to 'complete the look'). I said a few 'choice' expletives, laughed out loud, and gave myself an audible 'atta girl!'

I knew I had to walk several blocks after parking my vehicle, and I did notice one person give a rather lengthy glance at my feet. After that, I just held my head up and walked on. I figured if others happen to notice that I was wearing Nuknuuk slippers, and were aware of the products merits, they would understand and wish they could be in their sheepskins while sitting at their desk, or wandering about their place of employ. There may have been the odd person who would have thought I was mentally a bit left of center, but I chose not to dwell on that thought! :)

I told the attending nurse of my "oops" situation, and her response was to laugh and say, 'right on… sounds like something I would do.' By the way...she liked my did the male diagnostic technician (though I didn't tell him the story) :) I texted my partner, as well as a girlfriend to share my adventure. He sent back girlfriend totally got it and said, 'that's because they are such awesome slippers.'

As long as Nuknuuk is in business, and continues with quality products, I will continue to be an ongoing supporter. Cheers and enjoy your day!”

- Your long-winded advocate, Cindy R. in Alberta