About Us

It all started with cold feet…

Not the kind that you get when you’re nervous but the kind that you get when you live in Canada and it’s minus 40° outside!

We were looking for a quality slipper that was comfortable but that also offered good value. Nothing on the market fit the bill so we decided to start designing and manufacturing slippers ourselves. After all, who knows more about ways to keep your feet toasty and warm than two guys who’ve grown up in harsh Canadian winters?

Since we began designing and manufacturing slippers in the mid-1990s, we have become passionate about each Nůknuůk product that we make and sell. Our priorities have always been and remain:

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort!
  • Outstanding quality at the best possible price

We continue to source our own sheepskin to ensure consistency and quality. We use the finest leathers and synthetics and are continuously striving to improve every product that we make. We want to make sure that each pair of Nůknuůk slippers, gloves and shoes is an excellent product. We stand behind our product and want you to love your Nůknuůks as much as we do. We’re confident that once your feet have tried Nůknuůks, they’ll stand for nothing else.

Embrace the cold! 

Robert & Sebastien
Nuknuuk founders