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Spring is officially here, and with it the perfect excuse to clean out your closet. Get a fresh start this season with these spring cleaning tips.

Spring Clean Your Closet

Stock Up On Storage

Loose items like purses and accessories quickly lose their shape and attract dust. Make the most of any space above and below your clothing racks with storage baskets and boxes. Opt for boxes with labels and save time when you’re hunting for your leather gloves next fall - Ikea offers dozens of affordable labeled options.

Care For Your Shoes

A winter's worth of road salt can really take its toll on leather and suede shoes. Before you toss out your favorite pair, take a look in your pantry - a little white vinegar is often all you need to dissolve the toughest salt stains. Follow up with polish or suede cleaner.

Clean Your Nuknuuk Slippers

After months of daily wear, your Nuknuuk slippers might also benefit from a quick cleaning with a damp (not wet) cloth.  We recommend using a suede cleaner or suede stone for more stubborn stains (wine or coffee anyone?).  Tackle any stains on the sheepskin lining with a gentle, non-enzyme soap and a soft brush or cloth, then let your slippers dry naturally for a day or two. Always avoid the dryer for your Nuknuuk slippers, as it can damage leather and suede.

Pay It Forward

Haven’t worn that sweater all winter? If you haven’t worn an item in ages, now’s the time to try it on and see if it still fits - you might find a few great pieces you’d forgotten about. Keep a large bag on hand for donations and drop them off at a local charity. Bonus: with more room in your closet, the clothes you do decide to keep will be much easier to find!

Treat Yourself

Now that you’ve taken stock of your wardrobe, is there anything you’re missing? If your closet is heavy on dark colors and neutrals, go ahead and treat yourself to a few fresh pieces for spring. Whether it’s a new spring jacket, a few pretty tops or even a new pair of Nuknuuk slippers, a touch of spring color will give you a lift whatever the weather.

Pink Nuknuuk Alexa slipper

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