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Maintaining & Cleaning your Nuknuuk Slippers

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Thank you for purchasing a pair of Nuknuuk slippers. Your feet are undoubtedly overjoyed to be entering a world of comfort and coziness. Your pair of Nuknuuk slippers will certainly last you a very long time, but we are all human and things get dirty.  Fortunately, we have a list of tips and tricks to clean and maintain your men’s or women’s  slippers. This is a quick and easy process and will let you enjoy your slippers for a long time.

Slippers  101

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Next, let’s review some facts about sheepskin and leather.  Sheepskin is renowned for its insulating properties.  It’s also hypoallergenic and is therefore unlikely to cause allergic reactions.  Sheepskin fibers absorb moisture, keeping your feet toasty and dry.  Hint: Try wearing your Nuknuuk slippers without socks.  The soft feeling of sheepskin against your bare feet is heavenly!



Slipper Maintenance

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Nuknuuk slippers are great because you can wear them anywhere and at anytime. They are fashionable, comfortable and made with high-quality materials. Get more ideas on where to  wear your Nuknuuk slippers here.

Before applying any cleaning measure, it’s best to test a small area of your slipper first.  

Step 1: You’ll need some gentle, enzyme-free soap or a specialized sheepskin shampoo (wool shampoos will also work) that you’ll mix with water.  For proportions, please read the label of the shampoo bottle.  

Step 2: Rub  the stain with the soap,  carefully using a soft brush or dry cloth.  Carefully rub the area until the stain is gone.  

Step 3: Wipe the area clean with a damp cloth and let the slipper dry naturally. Never expose the slipper to direct sunlight or heat.  Drying may require up to two days. Do not attempt to put your Nuknuuks in the dryer!

That’s it for our cleaning tips. Good luck on maintaining your pair of Nuknuuk slippers. Your feet will thank you in the long-term. If you have any cleaning tips or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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