Stay cozy with our 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, particularly when it is for someone as special as our mom. Whether you are looking for your mother, grandmother, sister, or wife, we have some exceptional gift ideas to help you spoil the extraordinary moms around you. We’re thrilled to share our gift ideas with you: discover our awesome sheepskin slippers as well our luxe leisure line, all designed in Canada! Each item is a gift that is sure to delight every mother. To make our offer even sweeter, when you buy one item - be it clothing or footwear - the second item purchased is 20% off.  

Becca pink sheepskin slipper

A Fluffy Slide You'll Never Take Off

The first item on our list is our luxury slide for women, the Slide 20. This sheepskin sandal is fully designed with 100% sheepskin for the ultimate softness and comfort making it the perfect gift for mom! It is super easy to slip on and off and adds a sassy splash of colour and style to any outfit. 

Nuknuuk Slide 20

Flip Flops to sit back, kick back, and relax!

Our Zaza flip flop is another great gift option. Also designed with 100% sheepskin, it is a great choice for the mom who likes to let her feet breathe and does not feel the need for a closed slipper. Although it is a flip flop, the Zaza has the same fluffy slipper feel as our traditional, closed slippers. We love the Zaza for summer fun: from lounging around inside to beat the heat or poolside to cool off, you will always want these around. Plus, it is an easy, packable flip flop to bring on vacation!

Nuknuuk Zaza cream flip flop

Be the ultimate creature of comfort in our loungewear

Did you know that in addition to our premium comfort slippers, we recently launched an eco-friendly, luxury loungewear line that is designed in Canada? If your mom loves to be comfy and cozy, she will absolutely love discovering our Nuage by Nuknuuk leisurewear. We have integrated recycled polyester yarns into every item in this collection. We selected the quantity of recycled yarn in each item to maximize the use of recycled materials while ensuring the quality and durability of the product. This deluxe collection is crafted using premium fabrics to offer the ultimate softness, luxuriousness, comfort. The entire selection is available in 2 colors: black and steel blue. Choose a monochromatic look or mix and match the colours – all options look great together and they will have you feeling your best!

Nuknuuk leisure wear


Nuknuuk leisure wear in black


 Our Cosiest Sheepskin Slippers to Treat Yourself

Sometimes, there is no better choice than going with a classic. Our Joy slipper, shown here in beige, is the quintessential, classic Nuknuuk cozy slipper. Lined in sheepskin and sporting our signature Nuknuuk sole, our Joy and Becca slippers are our most comfortable and loved sheepskin slippers. With a huge variety of colours offered, you’re sure to find the perfect shade for mom (for yourself too). Whether your mother loves neutrals or prefers a more trendy and adventurous hue, we have you covered!

Nuknuuk Joy beige slipper

The Gift That Keeps on Giving!

While you’re checking out these gift ideas for Mom, why not also take a look at something for yourself? Our BOGO 20% is the perfect opportunity to make mom happy while also spoiling yourself. Have you been wearing Nuknuuks for years? Maybe it is time for a new pair of slippers or even time to give our new leisure wear collection a try. If you love your Nuknuuks, you are also sure to love the ultimate comfiness of our Nuage by Nuknuuk leisure wear.

Nuknuuk Alexa pink slipper

The best clothes and footwear for your ultimate comfort 

We are passionate about design, quality, and comfort – our mission is to offer comfort from head to toe. Our priority? Your ultimate comfort and care. We love talking about our products! However, nothing beats hearing from our loyal Nuknuuk customers. Read on to hear what our wonderful,  devoted, clients have to say about their thoughts on our products.

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