Nuknuuk Fit Tips: Find Your Perfect Slipper Fit!

Nuknuuk slippers are all about comfort, comfort, comfort - and a big part of that comfort is in the way your slippers fit! Whether you are a first-time Nuknuuk customer or an experienced Nuknuuk buyer, find your perfect pair of slippers with these helpful fit tips.

Military green nuknuuk slippers
  • Genuine Sheepskin: We choose sheepskin that is as dense and comfortable as possible. When your slipper is new, the sheepskin lining and footbed will be very, very fluffy and make the fit of your slipper quite tight. After a short period of prolonged wear, the sheepskin lining and footbed will mould to your foot and provide the comfort and fit that you expect from your Nůknuůk slippers.
  • Quality Suede: Suede is a natural fibre. Every piece of suede is unique with its own individual fit. Some pieces, when made to use slippers, may provide a tighter fit while others provide a slightly looser fit. These differences are felt most vividly when a slipper is new, before it has moulded to your foot. After a new slipper has been worn for a little while, the suede will provide a custom fit to your foot.
  • Half Sizes: Do you normally buy your shoes in a half size? For half sizes, we recommend you order your Nuknuuk slippers up one size.
  • Fit Tip for Our Experienced Nuknuuk Buyers: If you’ve had a pair of Nuknuuk for several years, your slippers have moulded to fit your feet perfectly. If you’re ready for a new pair of Nuknuuk , you will find the new pair to be very snug compared to your old ones. This is normal, do not despair! Try wearing your new Nuknuuk for a few days and give them a chance to mould to your foot. You’ll see that they will soon feel as fantastic as your old ones do.
  • Wide range of sizes: Do you wear a larger size? We are now pleased to offer several of our online exclusives in up to a Ladies’ Size 11 (the Joy Slipper and the Alexa Slipper) and Men’s Size 13 (the Ed Slipper and the Todd Slipper).