Create A Cozy Rustic Cabin Feel Anywhere

Nuknuuk Classic Slipper

As the days grow shorter and temperatures start to drop, most people long for cozy ways to stay warm. Fall is a time for cocooning and getting away for a long weekend at the cabin, to acknowledge that little touch of nostalgia about the fact that summer has come and gone, and to prepare for the colder months ahead. So get your sheepskin-lined Nuknuuk slippers ready (like the Classic Women’s Slipper, which is basically made for cabin comfort), and let the rustic cabin fun begin!

And no worries, you don’t actually need to own a cabin to enjoy that rustic and warm ambience. Even if you don’t have a romantic chalet to visit this fall, here are 5 easy ways to create a cozy rustic cabin feel anywhere:

1. Surround Yourself With Wood

Since the quintessential rustic cabin is made out of logs, wood plays an important role in cabin decor. Whether it’s oak, mahogany or maple furniture, or simply a few well-placed wooden accents throughout the room, wood makes an appearance in pretty much any cabin theme. Wooden floors and and stacked wood for the fireplace count as well!  Nuknuuk’s Classic Women’s Slippers are made with chestnut-colored sheepskin, by the way, another perfect type of wood(colour) for a cabin theme!

Rustic cabins do a wonderful job of combining well-used elements with modern comforts. You can achieve the same feel anywhere by giving a well-loved family heirloom a special spot in the space or by combining old and new elements in your decor.

2. Be Generous With Colour

Forget safe but boring neutrals - especially in a rustic cabin theme! Instead, add some personality to your space with colorful pillows, blankets, quilts or rugs. Classic plaid or checked gingham always fit into a cabin-style decor. Having said that, too much pattern tends to be very busy in a room, so don’t overdo it!
For some extra cabin-approved colour on your feet, try our blue, pink, violet or aubergine slippers.

3. Light Up Your Space

What could signify rustic comfort more than a crackling fire in the fireplace, or the warm light of candles on tables or in chandeliers? They are instant cabin-comfort hits. If you are weary about “live” fire in your surroundings, try adding strategically placed lamps and other types of lighting to your space. Go for bulbs that add a warm and comfortable hue to the room, especially around the sofas and armchairs, so you can kick up your Nuknuuk-covered feet and read, rustic cabin style! Gas fireplaces have also come a long way in recreating that feeling of a crackling fire. See what works for you!

4. Strut Your Stuff In Loungewear

Every cabin getaway needs a good dose of ultimate comfort clothing to help you relax. Your favourite sweatpants, roomy sweaters, warm Nuknuuk slippers, knitwear and beloved shirts are a definite must if you want to bask in that rustic cabin feeling. That’s what cabin comfort is all about.  It doesn’t mean you should let yourself go, but own that cabin comfort look! Enjoy the time you get to relax and spend a few hours being as comfortable as possible. It’s a good excuse to hang on to your favourite old shirt that you would never wear outside the house.

Nuknuuk Classic slipper with fall leaves

5. Bring Nature Indoors

The whole point of spending time at the cabin is to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to get back to nature. A stroll through the forest in search of the perfect red-colored leaf is a favourite fall pastime and is best followed by a steaming bowl of comfort soup and an old movie or thrilling novel. 
You should be able to find some jaw-dropping nature displays near you, but even without a cabin at your disposal you can still pay homage to the cabin feel by adding natural touches to your interior decor. 
This includes the above-mentioned wood as well as stone, cotton, linen, leather, anything with a hunting theme, braided rugs, woven baskets,... the choices seem endless and you can pick whatever reminds you of rustic cabin comfort. The only guideline is to opt for materials that last and can be used! You don’t want to have to remind people to tread carefully or to avoid touching this or that. 

A rustic cabin theme means strong and useful materials - like Nuknuuk’s Classic Women’s Slipper, which are made of practical and traditional sheepskin and feature indoor/outdoor soles for that quick sprint outside for more firewood.

Enjoy fall and that rustic cabin getaway feeling! 🍁🔥🍂