Nuknuuk Slippers Back at Costco!

Nuknuuk Sheepskin Slippers Sold at Costco

Nuknuuk slippers are now available at a Costco Canada warehouse near you and online! Hit the road now and find Nuknuuk slippers for your family and yourself. Made out of sheepskin, these slippers are the most comfortable options on the market.

Find our new arrivals and notoriously best selling slippers for women and their equivalent for men. No family shall ever spend another minute without warm feet again! 

Is the Quality the Same?

We can confirm unequivocally that the quality of the slippers that are sold at Costco is identical to the quality of the slippers sold at (and vice versa). Sourcing for the sheepskin for both retail outlets is done in Australia, New Zealand, the US, and the UK. The same attention to detail in manufacturing is applied to every pair of Nuknuuk slippers that is sold. We want every single customer to be 100% satisfied, regardless of where their slippers are purchased.

Different views of  Nuknuuk slippers

Why are Nuknuuk Slippers Cheaper at Costco?

For the past 23 years, Costco has helped make Nuknuuk a household name across Canada. We appreciate every customer who has purchased their slippers at Costco. Here are a few reasons why their prices are so low:

  • Costco buys its products by the truckload resulting in huge economies of scale.
  • Costco sells at unbeatable prices in all categories. 
  • They carry a very limited selection of items for a short period.
  • They charge an annual membership fee. 
  • Pricing is cash and carry.

These factors result in Costco offering Nuknuuks, and almost all the products they sell, at pricing that is much lower than anywhere else. 

Costco sells one Nuknuuk men’s slipper and one women’s slipper, each available in 2 colours, from August through the fall, while supplies last. If you love the style and colours that you see at Costco, know that you are getting the best price possible and that they sell out quickly! If you want a pair, you should probably buy them now while they’re available.

Woman on chair wearing Nuknuuk slippers

Why Buy Slippers at Nuknuuk?

We recognize that different customers have different needs. Therefore, we are happy to offer a full-service retail operation on our website. Here are some great reasons to shop online:

  • We carry the full range of Nuknuuk of women’s and men’s footwear and Nuage apparel styles, in all available colours and sizes. 
  • We ship across North America 365 days a year and understand that many customers appreciate the convenience of online shopping and having products delivered directly to their front door. 
  • Shipping is free across Canada on all orders over $100 CAD, with a flat fee of $9.99 CAD under $100. Shipping to the US is free on orders over $80 USD, with a fee of $10 under $80. Returns and exchanges are easy and hassle-free.
  • Customer service is available 24/7. 

 We’ve put together this quick guide to highlight what you can expect when you buy your Nuknuuks at a Costco warehouse or at


Shopping comparison chart

Find Nuknuuk Costco Slippers Near You 

Find Nuknuuk slippers available at a Costco near you. We provide a list of provinces that carry our beloved sheepskin comfy slippers across Canada. Run don't walk to Costco and pick up a pair of Nuknuuk slippers for your family!

Nuknuuk & Costco: the Perfect Pair 

We believe that being transparent is the best policy. Our goal is to build, as well as maintain a strong and trusting relationship with our customers.  We hope that the information we’ve provided gives you some insight into our company and our products. 

We encourage you to continue to read our blog posts for inside scoops and to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for the latest trends, sales, and more.

Read on to hear directly from our customers, many of whom have chosen to shop at Costco and directly from our website. And finally, we invite you to stay tuned for exciting news about new developments coming soon to Nuknuuk.


Bundle of Blue Joy – Michele F. – Joy Sky Blue 
This slipper is the most comfortable slipper I have ever known. It is so well made and provides support and cushioning simultaneously. I purchase a neutral colour at Costco but absolutely had to have the sky blue. So soft and pastel in colour you could practically wear it with jeans out and about. The whole order - delivery process was flawless. I might get the wine colour next time. Thanks, Nuknuuk.
My favorite slippers! – Christine T. – Joy Navy Blue 
I buy a new pair of these slippers every year at Costco but wanted a new colour so bought the navy pair online in addition to a pair from Costco.
Love these!!! – Jill P. – Becca Pink 
This is my second pair of Nuknuuk slippers. First pair was from Costco, and I fell in love!! They were hard to get this year so I’m glad I spent the extra money to get this beautiful pink and they just feel like clouds on my feet!!
Best I ever found – Pierre G. – Ed Black 
first bought them at Costco 3 years ago. Could not find another pair of slippers that comfortable in any other brand. Finally found the Nuknuuk’s website and ordered a new pair. Once you try them, you don’t want anything else.
My SLIPPERS Joanne A. – Joy Aubergine 
WONDERFUL EXCELLENT I have had a pair of slippers bought them at COSTCO but now I can buy them from you directly. THANK YOU!
Wonderful slippers! – Sharon – Joy Aubergine 
I LOVE these slippers/shoes. I buy 10 pair every year at Costco, but this year I decided to go for color, and I bought 4 pair direct from here. The other 6 will be from Costco. These are the only things that I can wear. My feet are in bad shape, and these are VERY comfortable. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can't go wrong buying them.