Cool Nights, Slipper Season

Don’t get us wrong, we love summer as much as the next guy. With endless BBQs, swims and sunny days, sometimes summer feels like one long vacation.  But come the last days of August, there’s nothing better than waking up to fresh, crisp mornings, with a hint of fall in the air. Why? Two words: slipper season!

Nuknuuk slippers

Over the next few weeks, we’ll definitely be making the most of September’s warm sunny days, but we’ll be every bit as excited about the cooler evenings - the kind that invite you to throw on a pair of jeans, a warm sweater and your favorite Nuknuuk slippers. After all, when it comes to warmth and comfort, it’s hard to beat natural sheepskin for a super cozy, custom fit.

Relaxing with cozy Nuknuuk slippers

After months of fresh salads, ice cream, and cookouts, the cooler weather has us firing up our ovens and craving heartier foods. Luckily, the farmer’s markets are still overflowing with local produce, just the thing for delicious and seasonal soups, roasted vegetables and fruit pies.  Even our choice of beverage is influenced by the season… While a glass of rosé was our idea of heaven back in July, the thought of red wine with dinner is suddenly very appealing! And on cool September mornings, sitting out with a hot cup of coffee and cozy slippers on your feet is one of life’s little pleasures.

Back to school in Nuknuuk slippers

With the neighbourhood kids heading back to school, the sense of a fresh start and new beginnings is hard to resist. Whether you’ve been considering a new yoga class, art lessons or a challenging work project, September is often the time when motivation is at its peak. At Nuknuuk, we’re busy photographing the new fall collection and gearing up for slipper season with some exciting new arrivals which we can’t wait to share. Of course, like many of our Canadian customers, we’re equally pleased to see Nuknuuks back on the Costco floor for fall! 

Are you as excited about slipper season as we are? Let us know in the comments below!

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