5 Cozy Must-Haves for Fall

Tomorrow marks to official start of fall, and we couldn’t be more excited about the beginning of this super cozy season. Here are five autumn essentials we can’t live without.

Pumpkin spiced lattes: just one of our favorite ways to get cozy for fall!

1. Pumpkin Spiced… Everything

Over the past few years, fall has become synonymous with the return of that eagerly anticipated beverage: the pumpkin spiced latte.  With legions of followers and even it’s own Twitter account, it’s hard to beat the PSL for sheer devotion.  It’s secret? Nutmeg and a dash of cloves - the same delicious spices that lend a delicious fall twist to pumpkin pies, baking, and scented candles.  So whether or not you enjoy pumpkin in your coffee, fall is a little more delicious with a dash of spice.

2. Knockout Knits

Winter is long enough without pulling out our coats too early… Now’s the time to have a little fun with fashion and layer on the warmth with comfy, cozy sweaters.  Throw on a knit plaid cape for instant fall style, or pull on a oversized fisherman’s sweater for a timeless and cozy look.  Grey, harvest gold, and aubergine are three of our favorite fall hues (for slippers too!).

3. Cozy Slippers

Slip your feet into a pair of warm and cozy Nuknuuk slippers and you’ll wonder how you’ve managed without them!  With a 100% natural sheepskin lining and light, flexible cushioned outsole Nuknuuk slippers mold to the shape of your foot for a comfortable, custom fit. Fresh for fall 2016, we’ve added two new colors, grey and beige, to our popular Joy slipper, and a whole new sheepskin style for men: the Todd slipper.  

5 Cozy Must-Haves for Fall: Warm and cozy Nuknuuk slippers!

4. Comfy Throws

With the fall’s longer evenings, curling up with a good book is more tempting than ever! Transform a comfortable armchair or sofa into a cozy reading nook with a knit throw, and you’ll look forward to curling up each evening.  Snuggle up with your pet, your significant other, or both - and don’t forget your Nuknuuks!

5. Fall Colour

Transforming your space with seasonal touches doesn’t need to be expensive.  A bowl of miniature gourds makes a beautiful centerpiece - and a big impact - for just a few dollars, plus it won’t clutter up your storage once the season’s over. And while we could spend all afternoon perusing Pottery Barn for fall inspiration, HomeSense and Costco often offer great deals on seasonal table linens and decor.

Looking for more fall inspiration? Check out our Cozy for Fall board on Pinterest. 

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