5 Ways to Relax and Enjoy the Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here and if that thought leaves you feeling a little stressed, you're not alone! This year, spend more time relaxing in your Nuknuuks and less time dashing through the malls with these stress-busting holiday tips. 

Nuknuuk slippers Christmas

1. Opt for Make-Ahead Meals

Whether you’re hosting a holiday brunch or dinner, or even just attending a potluck, look for dishes that can be made a day (or more!) ahead of time. While many traditional holiday favorites like roast turkey or potato latkes require last-minute attention, consider side dishes, appetizers and desserts that can be prepped in advance. Worried about an over-crowded kitchen? Transform a buffet table into a drink station and let your guests help themselves to wine, punch, or soft drinks while you put the finishing touches on the meal.

2. Shop for Gifts Online

Does the idea of navigating jam-packed parking lots and shopping malls make you break into a cold sweat? Avoid the holiday shopping rush and shop from the comfort of home! Crank up the holiday music, pour yourself some eggnog and start ticking off that Christmas list (all while wearing your cozy Nuknuuk slippers!)

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Nuknuuk Holiday special

3. Celebrate the Season, Not Just the Day

After so much time and effort (baking, wrapping, shopping!) it’s hard for a single day to live up to our expectations. Take some time out for yourself with a few strictly-for-fun holiday activities. Sip mulled wine at a local Christmas market or treat yourself to a holiday concert or Nutcracker performance and take pleasure in the joys of the season.

4. Go Easy on the To-Do List

Overwhelmed by your holiday checklist? Take another look and see if there’s room to cut back. Yes, your family loves Christmas cookies, but do they really need 4 different kinds? Plan a cookie swap with friends or skip the more finicky recipes this year in favor of these easy molasses crackletops. Start a new stress-free holiday tradition like a Christmas afternoon walk or watching a favorite holiday movie with the family over popcorn - traditions don’t have to be complicated to be memorable.

5. Avoid Overscheduling

Looking forward to catching up with friends and family but running out of days in December? Make plans now with friends for get-togethers after Christmas or early in the New Year. Chances are your friends will be just as relieved as you are to gain a few more hours this month, while looking forward to low-key (low-stress) gatherings once the holidays are over.

Wishing You and Yours a Happy (and Relaxing) Holiday Season! 


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