7 Hacks that Will Change the Gardening Game Forever

7 Gardening Hacks
Garden faster. Garden cleaner.
How could we have possibly gone this long without these gardening tricks?!?!

1. Use eggshells as starters

Get a head start on your garden game by planting your seeds in eggshells indoors! The trick is to do this even before the weather permits outdoor growth. Eggshells are cheap, adorable and loaded with calcium to give your seedlings that extra boost. They’re also super easy to plant in the garden when ready - the shell can even stay on. The best part? You can do this while rocking your slippers! We love it.


Nuknuuk 7 Gardening Hacks

2. Make your shovel stick-proof

One of our favorite, easiest gardening secrets. Spray your garden shovel with a lubricant before using it and watch the soil slip right off. Crazy simple, crazy efficient. Mess averted. You’re welcome :)

3. Lighten your pot!

So it turns out dirt is heavy. Eliminate a bunch of that weight by filling the planter or pot with packing peanuts. They’ll still allow for good drainage, so packing peanuts are kind of perfect...and cheap. Just remember to add a layer of landscape fabric over the top of them so that the soil doesn’t slowly sink to the bottom.The plant won’t know...we promise. Your back will, though, and it’ll thank you for this.

4. Aggressive plants are...aggressive. Restrict them.

Kind of like your mother-in-law, some plants can be downright invasive (just kidding!). The chameleon plant, for example, will happily and effortlessly take over your entire garden - if you let it. Solution: plant them in a plastic container. This simple technique limits the growth of the root system, giving you way better control over the size of the plant. It also protects the plants around it. You can even cut out the bottom of these plants’ underground roots with a knife to ensure that they don't quickly crowd your entire garden.

5. Protect your bulbs

Squirrels, mice and a whole lot of other creatures have a habit of munching on just-planted flower bulbs. Keep these guys out by first planting the bulbs deeper, and then staking some netting over the bed of flowers. When spring finally rolls around (if it ever does), simply remove the netting and let the plants grow on through.

6. Help your root-bound plants. They need you.

Potting plants are very often root-bound. If you don’t speak Plant, that just means that as the plant grows in the pot, its roots run out of room to grow. When this happens, they’ll start forming tight little circles of roots in the pot. The major problem is that these roots can prevent essential nutrients from traveling to the rest of the plant. The thought of your cute little plant dehydrating makes us sad. So don’t let it! Just guide the roots outward using your fingers. If they’re really tough, grab a knife and make some vertical cuts in the root-ball. That should do it.

7. Wear Nuknuuk slippers

This one’s super important. Wear your Nuknuuk slippers. Always wear your Nuknuuk slippers ;)

Nuknuuk slipper soles are designed for both indoors and outdoors, so if you don’t mind getting a little dirt on ‘em, you can totally rock them while gardening.

Bonus tip: have a designated indoor slipper and a designated outdoor slipper!

Nuknuuk Sheepskin Slippers


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