5 Perfect Pairings for you and your Nuknuuks

At Nuknuuk, our mantra is “always go for quality, comfort and value” no matter where you’re going or what you’re wearing. What’s important is that your feet are comfortable, and that you feel great. Regardless of our chosen lifestyle, we should never have to sacrifice the comforts that bring us pleasure. Some people may scoff at pairing sheepskin slippers with a designer handbag. For us, that’s just Wednesday.  We have prepared a list of 5 perfect pairings for you and your Nuknuuks. Let us know what you think, and if you have an idea for another combination, please leave a comment below.

5) Walking down to your @luxuryretreats luxury villa in a pair of Blue Nuknuuk Joy slippers. The infinity blue of the ocean is closer than you think.

Nuknuuk Slipper Blog post picture 1

4) Those Brown Nuknuuk Ed slippers do look awfully good with your @frankandoak ensemble. Sometimes you need to be a champion for new style.

Nuknuuk Slipper Blog post picture 2

3) Going to Yoga in your latest @climawear outfit wearing your Aubergine Nuknuuk Joy slippers? You’re definitely putting the ‘lass’ in classy.

Nuknuuk Slipper Blog post picture 3

2) That @jimmychoo #clutch can be taken anywhere at anytime. The same could be said about the Harvest Nuknuuk Joy slipper you’re wearing right now.

Nuknuuk Slipper Blog post picture 4

1) Keep your tablet smudge free and clean as a whistle while wearing your Nuknuuk Sheila Sheepskin Gloves. #BestSlipperEver anyone?

Nuknuuk Slipper Blog post picture 5


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