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Attention to Detail: It’s in the Sole

Our mission has always been to create slippers and gloves using the highest quality materials to give maximum comfort and value. Although this may sound like a lofty goal, it is one that we try to incorporate into every element of the products we manufacture. One good example of this is how we construct the in-soles of our sheepskin slippers.

First, let’s talk about what exactly an in-sole is. The in-sole is the portion of the slipper upon which your foot rests. It is the lining that covers the outsole. It is the part of the slipper that is in contact with the base of your foot when you wear your slippers. So you may be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal about the in-sole? Aren’t they all the same?” The quick answer is no, but let’s look at why.

The insoles of our sheepskin-lined slippers are also made of Australian sheepskin, meaning that they are made of 100% natural wool. Wool is a fantastic material that offers the following advantages:

  • It’s breathable - wool’s natural structure allows it to absorb and release water vapor into the atmosphere, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • It’s non-allergenic – wool is not known to cause allergy and does not promote the growth of bacteria.
  • It’s durable – wool fibers can be bent 20,000 times without breaking and still have the power to recover and return to their natural shape. This is a huge advantage, particularly for a slipper.

These qualities translate into comfort in our slippers. However, there is another essential element in ensuring the comfort of our in-sole. It is an element that is not easily visible unless you know to look for it but it contributes greatly to the comfort of the slipper. This element concerns how we construct the in-sole.

Because the in-sole is mostly contained within the slipper, it is not easy for us to see. Thus many slipper manufacturers “cheat” when manufacturing their in-soles. Rather than using one whole piece of sheepskin, they sew 2 or more pieces together to form the in-sole. This is a cost-saving measure as they can use “scraps” of sheepskin to piece together the insole. You may be asking, “what does it matter if they do this since I can’t see it anyway?” The answer is that it is much less comfortable than using a single piece. When there are seams in the in-sole, they are often found where we place the ball of our foot or our toes. This can be very uncomfortable as the seam can be irritating to our foot, particularly if we wear our slippers barefoot. At Nuknuuk, we use only a single piece of sheepskin for our insole. This is a small detail but one that we feel is very important to the comfort and satisfaction that you get from your Nuknuuks.

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